304, 304L, 316 and 316L.

Surface Polishing

G Hwa provide flexible polish selection in our products. We offer mechanical polish finish ranging from #150~320. Electropolish is also available upon request.

Test procedures

Our products are carefully sampled and inspected through series of dedicate testing procedures, including:

  • material verification
  • dimension check
  • surface roughness measurement

Product Marking

  • Material Type
  • Dimension
  • Heat Number


All finish product will be packed to suit the special conditions for international deliveries.


Our products are accompanied by certified material test report 3.1 as per DIN EN 10204 / ASTM A1016. Prematerial certification can be provided upon request

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  • 1. Sanitary Tubeο14AMP 14WMPο14RMPο16AMP 13MHHM

  • 2. 13MHHο2WCLο2S 2WKο2KSο7WWW

  • 3. 7Wο9WWWο7RWWW

  • 4. 31W/32W
    BS 90οShort Tube Bend
    BS 90 Long Tube Bend
    BS45 Long Tube Bend
    BS Pulled TeeοBS Equal Tee

  • 5. BS Con. Reducer
    BS Ecc. Reducer
    SMS 90οShort Tube Bend
    SMS 90οLong Tube Bend
    SMS 45οLong Tube Bend
    SMS Equal Tee

  • 6. SMS Equal Tee w/o Straight End
    SMS Reducing Tee w/o Straight End
    SMS Concentric Reducer With Straight End
    SMS Eccentric Reducer With Straight End
    SMS 13 Round Nut

  • 7. SMS 14 Welding Liner
    SMS 15 Welding Male
    SMS Gasket
    RJT 13R Round Nut
    RJT 14 Welding Liner
    RJT 15 Welding Male

  • 8. DIN 13 Round Nut
    DIN 14 Welding Liner
    DIN 15 Welding Male